Vietnam’s quest for new solutions to address
the challenge of TB detection& control

10-11 November 2014
Saigon Hotel Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam is one of the 22 high TB burden countries. The most recent survey in the country shows a prevalence of TB 1.6 times higher than previously estimated, indicating that a significant number of cases remain undiagnosed.  Effective TB control does require early diagnosis and immediate initiation of treatment, but delays in diagnosis still represent one of the most difficult barriers in patients’ management. Furthermore, no data on children TB are available in Vietnam, meaning that the impact of the disease on children is not fully understood.

The infrastructure of TB prevention & treatment in Vietnam is mainly housed in big cities. But a high number of TB infected people live in rural areas, and a trip to the city to get diagnosed is a burden that most of them cannot afford. One way to make the TB prevention program more effective is to bring the diagnostic tool as close as possible to the patients.

Based on their respective scientific research and policy work in Vietnam, both initiated in 2012, Phusa Biochem and HIP joined forces in 2013, in coordination with the Pham Ngoc Thach hospital of Ho Chi Minh City, for a project aiming to overcome current TB detection gaps through an accessible essential medical tool.

To reach their potential health benefits, scientific innovations need to be driven by self-determination of national institutions in order to be commensurable with a country’s specific policies, resources and capabilities. How countries innovate in health, and what structural conditions exist that can strengthen their scientific and research institutions, should be at the centre of national debates.

The objective of this meeting is to assess the medical reality and TB needs in Vietnam and to bridge current TB medical practices with technical innovation. In this context, Phusa Biochem’ s R&D activities related to the development of a TB diagnostic prototype will be presented.  The meeting is expected to constitute the basis for a successful alliance between the public and the private sector for needs-driven innovation for health.

Meeting accommodation: Saigon Hotel Corporation.
41-47 Dong Du St, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City,

Hotel accommodations:

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